Rain delay (4/27/11)

Well, the sun is shining down on me here in Michigan, but apparently it’s still rather wet and soggy back in Chicago. Thankfully the rain delay affords me with the opportunity to do some quick highs and lows from the last few games:


  • Fukudome’s 5-hit night Monday night. Because of the time change, the game took place during Fukudome’s birthday in his native Japan and he joked after the game that it was his birthday present to himself. Manager Mike Quade has joked that he’s going to just always put a new April calendar in Fukudome’s locker to help the outfielder avoid his post-April slump that seems inevitable. Conventional? Not really, but when have the Cubs ever been conventional?
  • Jeff Baker continues to impress, putting together solid batting performances the last three games, despite the team losing. Also, he’s not as strong as Ramierez on defense, but I don’t cringe every time the ball is hit in his general direction.
  • Starlin Castro leads the Cubs All-Star voting ballot. Shocking.


  • The Cubs have dropped three straight to the Rockies and Dodgers. They’re currently 10-13, which isn’t awful, but if the team can’t find a way to start winning back-to-back series, catching the Cardinals and Reds is going to be nearly impossible come June.
  • Castro proved that he is, in fact, not Super Man when he committed three errors in the top of the second on Monday. Ouch. He also had a 3-error game last year, but those three were spread out rather than being crammed within the span of three outs. I was unable to watch the game, but the video replays I saw were rather painful to watch. I know, baseball is a learning curve, the weather sucks and he’s young. But hey, if Castro isn’t going to make excuses for the performance, than I’m not going to either. I doubt he’ll let it happen again.
  • The average game-time temperature at Wrigley this season has been 46 degrees. Forty-six. Am I happy that the team has a sub-par record right now? No. Am I impressed that they’ve managed to even eek out 11 wins during a month where Mother Nature has not been kind and the team has mostly played at home? Yes. With the next few series either being played in Domes or Southern California, everybody should be able to relax a little and find a new spring in their step.
  • James Russell is not the “best option.” See Bleacher Nation for more details… 

The Cubs will close out the month of April at Arizona (10-12) and open May with a road series against Los Angelas (12-13). Both series are winnable (assuming the team works out that 5th starter issue), so in theory the team could be 16-13 this time in a week. Obviously nothing is guaranteed, but this road trip looks like a great opportunity for the team to start a new streak: one that involves winning.

And finally: I just checked the team’s website and the game has been postponed due to weather. Guess we’ll have to wait another day to fly that Win flag.